We chose Dress My Cupcake designer wrappers because they are unique and original in the Italian market. We have never seen such creative accessories for pastries! Our dealers want to order them as soon as possible. [Walter C., CEO, Ice-Wer]
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Home Shop Dessert Table Supplies Cake Pop and Lollipop Sticks Glitter Dessert Stick Kits 6" Solid Color Glitter Dessert Stick Kit (20 Colors Available)
6" Solid Color Glitter Dessert Stick Kit (20 Colors Available)
Price: $17.99
DMC9450 - DMC9469



Create unique treat sticks for your cake pops, cookies, brownies, mini cheesecakes, and any other mini dessert for a stylish flare. 6" Glitter Dessert Stick Kit shown in Cornflower Blue Glitter.

Items Included in Each Kit:
  • Glitter tape
  • White dessert sticks
  • Detailed instructions
  • Easy Assembly required.
  • Each pack includes 50, 100 or 500 sticks.
  • For presentation purposes only. Do not bake in these sticks.
  • Manufactured by Dress My Cupcake.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Decorate over a beautiful dessert display with Lollipop and Cake pop stands by Dress My Cupcake.
  • Complete your dessert table with our best-selling cupcake wrappers, tissue paper pom poms, wooden cutlery and party kits by Dress My Cupcake.
Available Colors:
  • DMC9450 - White Glitter
  • DMC9451 - Black Glitter
  • DMC9452 - Gold Glitter
  • DMC9453 - Bright Gold Glitter
  • DMC9454 - Silver Glitter
  • DMC9455 - Baby Pink Glitter
  • DMC9456 - Cherry Blossom Glitter
  • DMC9457 - Hot Pink Glitter
  • DMC9458 - Fuchsia Glitter
  • DMC9459 - Red Glitter
  • DMC9460 - Kiwi Green Glitter
  • DMC9461 - Kelly Green Glitter
  • DMC9462 - Diamond Blue Glitter
  • DMC9463 - Aqua Glitter
  • DMC9464 - Sky Blue Glitter
  • DMC9465 - Cornflower Blue Glitter
  • DMC9466 - Royal Blue Glitter
  • DMC9467 - Plum Purple Glitter
  • DMC9468 - Royal Purple Glitter
  • DMC9469 - Chocolate Brown Glitter